January 31, 2019

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas……So Much Pressure!

Finding Creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him OR Creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her has never been harder!

One version of history says… Valentine was a priest in Rome who secretly married young couples when the emperor of Rome, Claudius II, had decided that all soldiers should remain single, so they were not “soft”. He was arrested and put to death on February 14th. Well, that is one version of the story and the rest is history. 

Now, we celebrate love on February 14th with flowers, candy and dinner. Hmm…interesting transition! 

What can YOU do for Valentine’s Day 2019?

What is the right Valentine’s gift for her, for him, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife or husband? The list goes on and on. The pressure to impress is REAL.

The important part of this holiday is to spend it with those you love and to celebrate your commitment to one another. You don’t have to feel pressured by traditional Valentine’s gifts.

Check out Krome’s ideas below on how to express love for a friend, partner, family member or the like to give something unexpected and unique.

1.) Remember each other in a photo. 

When our CMO, Teri Llach, needed a special gift for her husband, she merged a photo of them at their wedding, side by side, with an image of them today. Now that is a gift that is unique and special.

All she had to do was give Krome Studio both photos and pick a new background. Badabing badaboom, DONE! A photo masterpiece created in a matter of hours.

Intrigued yet?

Creative wedding photo of man and woman for Valentine's Day gift

2.) Create a romantic dinner at home together.

Set the menu, pop the bubbly, and prepare everything together. A romantic evening at home with your partner beats going to an expensive restaurant any day.

Keep the ball rolling and do something fun after dinner. Surprise them with their favorite dessert or one of their favorite movies!

3.) Any photo + Krome Studio. 

Photos really are the most personal gift out there. They make for a great Valentine’s Day gift but also an any day gift, too. You can give them to literally anyone. Kids, parents, friends, lovers and even pets!

Pick any snapshot from your phone and get started on your first masterpiece with Krome Studio.

Browse our Lookbooks and select any design you like. The hardest part is just choosing one. No matter who you are or what your interests entail, we have a background for you.

In less than a day, our editors will create a unique gift perfect to print, share and enjoy!

Creative image of family in heart-shaped cave. Father, mother, two boy, and two girls sitting next to one another.

4.) Take turns to plan an adventure for Valentine’s weekend. 

Does your partner love the outdoors? Plan a trip to the beach. Are they an animal lover? This one’s easy, take a visit to your local zoo. Are they a foodie? Hand pick their favorite items and set up a backyard picnic.

The beauty of this idea is that it’s totally doable for any couple and will not break the bank.

It’s easy, simple, and most importantly, thoughtful.

5.) Don’t forget kids and parents! 

Any recent photo of them with a fun and unique background will be sure to spark joy. Take something they love and make a creative photo masterpiece out of it using Krome.

Check out this customer’s creative photo transformation. She turned her daughter into Rapunzel, and so can you!

Creative image of woman and daughter on a balcony, with the girl's hair long and flowing like Rapunzel.

Whatever you do, skip the flowers, the candy and the guilt. Enjoy your loved ones on February 14th and celebrate them all year long with a beautiful photo!

Have any thoughts or additional ideas? Leave them in the comments below.


The Krome Photos Team