August 02, 2019

What is an Infographic? Infographic Examples, Designs & Importance in eCommerce

Infographic of a watch next to some text saying "Style created with time"

Who doesn’t love an infographic highlighting important information about your product?

Not only are they easy to digest but they’re also fun to share and extremely engaging but most of all, impactful. They provide essential details about your product or message and make dry stats fun to learn in a memorable way.

Fun Fact: infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content (HubSpot, 2018).

Those who have caught on to the importance of infographics are not asking “should we make infographics?” but rather “how do we make the most of our products using infographics?”.

Save time and money using Krome’s easy and affordable platform to get the best infographics for your website.

You may be wondering, why use infographics? What is the importance of infographics in SEO? Are infographics effective? We will explore these questions as well as the five ways to use infographics, infographic examples, and how to to get more sales using infographics.

5 Ways to Use Infographics to Get More Sales

1.) Showcase the diversity of your product with an infographic.

How are you currently demonstrating the amazing features and functionality of your product? Are you listing the dimensions and special features of your product? Whatever you may be doing, know that you can do more while not breaking the bank.

To start, determine the biggest selling points of your product, like the problems it will solve and any important information needed. Then continue building out your vision from there.

Here’s an infographic example that was created by a Krome Photos Design Director:

Infographic on importance of good product photos when selling online. Images of a mirror with a white background & lifestyle

2.) Find the infographic design services available to you .

Save time and get the images you not only want for your business but the images you need.

If you don’t have a designer on hand, no need to worry — there are plenty of options out there.

In fact, you’re looking at one of them right now.

One of the reasons Krome Photos was started was to help small businesses get product photos quickly and affordably because quality photos will increase sell-through.

Our unique platform uses AI and professional editors to create and optimize images that sell.

Krome’s customers access our service via iOS, Android and the Web to create impactful listing and lifestyle images as well as infographics. Check out this infographic example from a customer selling phone cases:

Infographic of a phone case and highlighting the functionalities of the case

Rather, skip the hassle of hiring an art director or a photo editor that will charge you a lot per photo. It’s too complicated and expensive. Not to mention the long turnaround time.

Krome’s pro editors are here 24/7 to get you the images you need for your business for less than the cost of lunch.

3.) Post your infographic to your social media pages for your business.

As we stated earlier, infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content (HubSpot, 2018). This means that if you’re not already using infographics, it’s time to start now.

Creating an infographic can feel like a daunting task between the design aspects, statistics, and overall work involved.

Let Krome be your personal designer. Just upload your product, add a custom request with the top points you want to be made and an editor will create what you envision. Not totally happy with the result? You can send in a re-edit for your infographic free.

Infographic of woman wearing a sports band and text boxes stating the usability of the product

4.) Add a lifestyle image to go alongside your new infographic.

Next, you’ll want to create lifestyle images to show your customers how great their lives will be when they own and use your fantastic products.

Showcasing custom lifestyle images add desire to the sales equation. A quality lifestyle image not only enables the customer to envision the item in use but it gives them an instant understanding of very important sizing and dimension details.

Lifestyle image infographic of a man wearing a watch and wearing fashionable clothes and watch

We bet that your competitors don’t bother to use lifestyle images because they think those images are too difficult and expensive to obtain.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Krome Business Studio does all the work for you. Three clicks and the price of lunch will conquer the challenge of getting custom infographics, listing and lifestyle images.

5.) Share your infographics and lifestyle images with your customers.

After you’ve created your custom infographics and lifestyle images, it’s imperative that you showcase not only on your website but also on your blog, social media, and any other places you see fit. With these additions, you will see your engagement and sell-through skyrocket.

How to use images to boost conversion rate:

  1. 1. Quality matters. Airbnb doubled their bookings by adding higher quality photos.
  2. 2. Lifestyle required. Set the scene by customizing your product into a lifestyle setting so your end-user can see themselves on it, in it or with it!
  3. 3. Big images. Dell tested a large hero shot on their home page. Leads increased 36% over the control image.
  4. 4. Feature customers. One of the more effective image-based conversion tactics is to show the customer using the product or service.

(Topo, 2015).

Infographic of a woman wearing a sports band around her thighs and showcasing the different muscle groups being worked out

Why are infographics important? Studies prove they move the needle. 

The importance of infographics in content marketing cannot be understated. According to HubSpot, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their businesses.

Not only are they an important form of content but it has been found that eye-tracking studies show internet readers pay close attention to information-carrying images. In fact, when the images are relevant, readers spend more time looking at the images than they do reading text on the page. (Nielson Norman Group, 2010).

You have to work two times harder to make your products come alive online. If you have the right images, your sales will grow 30–50%.

Infographics are everywhere but what makes them so successful? The use of visualized information has increased.

People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations (NeoMam, 2019).

The team here at Krome Photos is happy to share more details on what we’ve learned and how we can help you with your business. Feel free to reach out anytime to

Stay tuned for more content coming soon.

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