July 25, 2019

How to Get Photos that Drive Sales

By Eduardo Llach, Founder and CEO of Krome Photos. 

In 2015, I started Krome Photos to provide all businesses access to the images they need to make their products sell more without long turnaround times, high prices and steep learning curves. Today, Krome helps all different types of photo enthusiasts such as eCommerce sellers who need quality photos for their products, but also photographers and families.

Krome can take any photo, even ones taken on a phone, and turn it into a quality image for less than the cost of a movie. For businesses, that means white cut out listing images or lifestyle, advertising and infographic images. For families and photographers, it means enhancing the photo, changing the background or adding and removing objects to Make It PerfectTM.

Image of a dog dress in a glass case
High-quality images are essential for businesses. The right image will increase sales by up to 50%.

Using deep data technology and trained professional editors, Krome can help you sell more. We want to help you sell more.

We’ve done an extensive amount of research to understand what photos increase sales so that we can better service businesses like yours. Here’s what we found:

Viewers correlate high-quality images with the quality of your product.

Including high-quality images on your website enforces the perception that the product you’re selling is also of high quality. We’re here to help polish your images and ensure your online presence looks professional, inviting and thriving.

This doesn’t mean a fancy photoshoot or an expensive photography session or even buying a high-end digital camera and learning photoshop. Phone cameras today can easily create a base for high-quality product photos.

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How to use your phone camera to take great images:

  1. Shoot in a well-lit, shaded area.
  2. Shoot early morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh shadows created when the sun is high above.
  3. Adjust your phone settings to get the best shot possible (magnification, flash, and so on).
  4. Have fun with it! Be creative with the setting and style of your photo.
Image of woman wearing an ID holder around her neck
Great product photos can be transformed into amazing lifestyle images that drive more sales.

Bigger images improve conversion rates.

Studies show that larger images on your website lower the bounce rate and increase the leads generated. Large, high-quality images draw visitors in and entice them to engage with your site.

One case study that proves bigger images can improve conversion rates comes from Skinner Auctions. They ran an A/B test blowing up the images in their online catalog by 28%, from 250 pixels across to 350 pixels across. This resulted in the larger image enticing 63% more visitors to click to start the bidding process.

In fact, another study by Dell has found similar findings. In an effort to increase the click-through rate on their home page, they tested using a mega-sized background image. The larger than life image lowered visitor bounce rates by 27% and increased leads generated by 36%.

Source: https://econsultancy.com/do-bigger-images-mean-improved-conversion-rates-three-case-studies/

Show a variety of images.

If you’re selling a product, show different angles of the product so that potential customers get a good sense of the item. In addition to white cutout listings, also include a few lifestyle images so viewers can see the product in use and imagine owning the item themselves.

Better product images lead to more sales. White cut out image of four views of a backpack.
Show every angle possible of your product. This creates brand trust and will increase your sales.
Better product images lead to more sales. Lifestyle image of man wearing a fashionable backpack.
Images of people interacting with your product help to create an emotional response in viewers and will have a bigger impact on sales.

Infographics are also a crucial element in selling online to highlight the special features, dimensions, functionalities, and anything else you want to showcase about your product.

Infographic showcasing use of an exercising product.
Custom made infographics are a great way to showcase the diversity of your product.

Consumers make purchase decisions based on photos — not reviews or text. A 2018 study published in eMarketer found that 83% of digital purchasers say that product photos are more important than reviews. Check out our infographic with this study and more.

I’d be happy to share more details on what we’ve learned and how we can help you with your business. Feel free to reach out anytime to info@kromephotos.com.

Stay tuned for more content coming soon.


Image of Krome Photos CEO with a friend.