March 30, 2017

Toddler Bundle lets you create 4 great images of your cute toddler for the price of 3!  With the Krome Toddler Bundle, it is easier and more affordable than ever to get great photos of your growing cute toddler!  You’ll have the credits for all your photos immediately to use anytime and on any type of design (Pro, Custom, Design).

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Toddler Bundle

Create 4 memorable photos of your little ones to share with grandparents and family! 

With the Krome Toddler Bundle, it is easier and more affordable than ever!

  • 4 Kromed photos for the price of 3
  • High ranking designers working on your images
  • Expedited delivery
  • How-to help
  • Chat help

You’ll have the credits for all your photos immediately to use anytime and on any type of design (Pro, Custom, Design).


How to ensure the best results with our service

Be an art director

Kroming your photos is a collaborative process between you, being our art director and us, executing your vision. We encourage our customers to take their photos for the purpose of Kroming them. Dress up your baby, pose them for the particular design you have in mind, create a great image and we will re-imagine it for you. Here is our Gallery with great examples!

Submit a compatible image

75% of our customers order Lookbook Designs. It’s important the image you send us matches the Design you choose. A rule of thumb when ordering a Krome Lookbook Designs is to look at the subject in the sample and have your subject pose in a similar way, then shoot from a similar angle.

Submit a quality image

Hold your camera still and focus on the subject, to create clear and sharp pictures. Avoid uploading too tightly cropped images, as well as photos, where redundant objects are blocking the subject, as this might limit our ability to produce a great edit. Make sure to submit the original file. It’s best to upload pictures from your camera roll, that haven’t been compressed or downsized.

Choose a designer

Within the Krome iPhone app, there is an option to select a designer for your next image. If you are very pleased with the work that specific Krome Designers have done for you, we recommend that you entrust them with your future projects.

Check out our how-to section for additional tips: How to Photograph and Krome your Toddler.