May 08, 2017
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Every parent wants memorable photos of the first years of their child’s life. With Krome, it is easy and affordable, whether you’re looking to create special photos for your family album, or need fun images to share online. We’ve gathered some tips to help you portray your toddler in the best way possible.


General advice is to shoot in a well-lit area. To accomplish even lighting, have your subject face the light source.

For indoor photos, the easiest way to achieve great results is to use natural light, coming from a large window.

The best time for outdoor photos is during the first and last hour of sunlight. This is when the lighting is the most dramatic, due to the longer shadows cast by the sun as it sits low in the sky.

An overcast day is also a great time for portrait shots. Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows, which is why it is better to take your pictures when the light is soft and diffused.

If the lighting is less than perfect and the sunlight is strong, you can shoot in open shade.




Photographing toddlers with the camera above them, pointing downwards, isn’t ideal for producing flattering images.

Get down lower, level the camera with their eyes, and you’ll get much more intimate photos.

Move around and experiment with different angles. Take as many photos as possible to be able to single out the best ones later.

Remember not to get too close to your subject, as this will cause image distortion. A proper camera distance for portraits is 6-7 feet.


Photographing toddlers can be difficult, since they are not really receptive of modeling instructions. So, what can you do to take more expressive pictures of your toddler?

Make it a game.

Make them laugh.

Capture candid moments.

Using costumes and props will truly make your photos pop! Send us the dressed up pictures of your toddler, and we’ll make sure the background matches the costume!

Krome studio offers a variety of photo editing services, from correcting minor imperfections to creating a whole new world, exactly the way you envision it. Send us your special photos and our skilled photo designers will transform them into works of art.