July 16, 2017

Tool How To

The latest Krome Studio App includes a FREE Artificial Intelligence powered photo editing tool, to preview your image first, before placing an order! It automatically separates the people in your photo, then allows you to choose a new background from our extensive collection of Lookbook Design Backgrounds.

We’ve gathered some tips to help you get the best results with the Krome Preview Tool!

Upload photos with a relatively plain background

In this example, the background in the original image is very busy.

The Tool will likely have trouble producing a very accurate separation, since there are many details in the image, which make it difficult to detect only the edges of the subject.

It may, therefore, exclude portions of the subject, or add unnecessary elements to the separation.

Images with less detail in the background will provide better results! If you’re taking a photo specifically to place on a Krome background, try positioning your subject against a plain background.

Upload photos including only the people you’d like to remain in the image

The tool uses face recognition technology, therefore, it will make a separation based on the faces it “sees” in the image. All subjects in your image will be included in the separation, so keep that in mind when selecting your photo.

Use the “Move”, “Rotate”, “Resize” and “Crop” functionality

Our tool allows you to move, rotate and resize both your subject and the background, to create the perfect composition. After applying your preferred placement and proportions, you can crop your image and make it either horizontally or vertically oriented.

  • Select the Subject
  1. 1
  • Select the Background
  1. 1
  • Move, Resize, Rotate
  1. 1
  • Crop
  1. 1

Make it Real

Have you played with the Tool, but would like a real-life editor to make your image more realistic? Select “I want extra editing”, then place a Make It Real order, to have a professional add finishing touches to your photo.

For only $2, our skilled photo designers will:

  • Make the separation of your subject perfect
  • Correct the lighting and colors of your image
  • Add realistic shadows to further enhance your design

Note: Make It Real orders do not include adjustments of your composition. We have created the Preview Tool, so that our customers can play a larger role in the creative process, by providing a template for our designers. If you would like us to make the creative decisions for you, we ask that you use the Krome Service functionality and place a Design, Custom or Pro order.

Make it Custom

Within the “Extra Editing” menu, there is also a Make it Custom option.

It allows you to add more subjects and props to your composition, or include custom requests, all for just $5!

How to Get the Most out of the Krome Preview Tool – part 2