July 24, 2017

Tool How To

The latest Krome Studio App includes a FREE Artificial Intelligence powered photo editing tool, to preview your image first, before placing an order! It automatically separates the people in your photo, then allows you to choose a new background from our extensive collection of Lookbook Design Backgrounds.

This second part of the Krome Preview Tool tutorial focuses on tips for accomplishing the best results,

when combining your photos with the Krome Lookbook Designs.

Check out the first part here!

Upload high resolution photos

The gap between smartphone cameras and professional DSLR cameras is quickly shrinking, making it easy for everyone to produce great quality photos.

When using the Krome Preview Tool, or placing an order with Krome, always make sure to upload your original file.

It’s best to upload photos from your camera roll, that haven’t been compressed or downsized. Images on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been reduced in quality, which prevents them from looking their best and limits your printing options later on. For this reason, we don’t recommended using images from online platforms, but instead using the original photo when possible.

Upload photos that match the angle of the Lookbook Design Background

To accomplish realism, the original photo and the Krome Lookbook Design need to match in terms of perspective.  

Avoid shooting with the camera pointing downward. This will cause distortion of your subject, where their head will look larger than the lower portion of their body. It will also result in compatibility issues with our Designs, since most of them are shot from straight on.


Taking your photo from straight on, with the camera positioned slightly above the waist level of a standing adult, will ensure the best results with our Lookbook Designs. 

See the the huge difference the camera angle makes in the examples below. The second image is much more realistic than the first one, due to the proper perspective.

Upload photos with similar lighting to the Lookbook Design Background

The lighting of your original photo is another essential element in achieving realistic results. We recommend that you shoot in well lit areas, with the subject facing the light source. View our Gallery with great examples!

In this example, the original photo was taken in a dark area, using a flash. The edges of the subjects are relatively dark, which doesn’t look realistic with a light background. Pick a darker Lookbook Design for this type of photos.

Make it Real

Have you played with the Tool, but would like a real-life editor to make your image more realistic? Select “I want extra editing”, then place a Make It Real order, to have a professional add finishing touches to your photo.

For only $2, our skilled photo designers will:

  • Make the separation of your subject perfect
  • Correct the lighting and colors of your image
  • Add realistic shadows to further enhance your design

Note: Make It Real orders do not include adjustments of your composition. We have created the Preview Tool, so that our customers can play a larger role in the creative process, by providing a template for our designers. If you would like us to make the creative decisions for you, we ask that you use the Krome Service functionality and place a Design, Custom or Pro order.

Make it Custom

Within the “Extra Editing” menu, there is also a Make it Custom option.

It allows you to add more subjects and props to your composition, or include custom requests, all for just $5!