Krome Remote Photographer

Photograph products from the comfort of your home!

Krome Remote Photographer is a peer-to-peer communication application designed to facilitate the staging, direction and photography of your product(s).

You will interface with a remote photographer via our native mobile application.

How does it work

Download the Remote Photographer application from Apple's App Store.
To start your session, enter your Meeting ID, which will be emailed to you.
Your remote photographer will provide directions via voice and text.

Collaborate with a remote photographer in real-time to get the best photo.

Your remote photographer also has direct control over the focus, flash, color temperature, and exposure. They're able to take a picture remotely, so all you have to do is point the camera at the product.

Our designers and pro editors will enhance the photos from the session to create not only product shots, but also beautiful lifestyle and infographic images