August 17, 2017

Creating memorable family pictures is easy and affordable with Krome. While we can help improve and re-imagine your photos in various ways, having a great original image to begin with is essential. We’ve gathered some tips to help you portray your family in the best way.


General advice is to shoot in a well-lit area. To accomplish even lighting, have your subjects face the light source.

For indoor photos, the easiest way to achieve great results is to use natural light, coming from a large window.

The best time for outdoor photos is during the first and last hour of sunlight, when the lighting is soft and warm. When the sun sits low in the sky, shadows are more pleasing. An overcast day is also a great time for portrait shots, since light is dispersed evenly.

Mid day sun that comes from directly above can create harsh shadows, especially under the eyes; therefore it’s recommended to find shade or covered areas if you have to shoot in the middle of the day.


Using a proper camera height can help you create more flattering images.

Shooting from straight on, with the camera positioned slightly above the waist level of a standing adult will ensure a well balanced photo.

Shooting from an extremely low or high angle creates distortion and will cause compatibility issues with a large portion of Lookbook Design backgrounds we offer.


Proper positioning of your subjects is paramount to creating a compelling photo.

Having everyone get close to each other will enhance the sense of togetherness within the group.

Fill the frame by arranging subjects so their heights are staggered. If you can put people on different levels, this will also add interest to the photo.


Some people are camera-shy and tend to stand stiff when having their photo taken. To keep images looking natural and relaxed, here are a few ways to overcome this:

  • Angle people in the group to create curves and interest in the image
  • Have subjects bend one leg, putting their weight on the straight leg
  • If you’re unsure of what to do with your hands, put them in your pockets
  • Interact with each other to loosen up and capture real moments


Patterned clothing with a variety of saturated colors can be distracting and take the attention away from the subjects.

If you decide to incorporate patterns or bright colors, it’s best to select only a few people in your image to wear those items, so the final photo is balanced and not too busy.

If you’re wanting a more classic, timeless look, we recommend wearing solid color clothing with muted tones for portrait photos.

Krome studio offers a variety of photo editing services, from correcting minor imperfections to creating a whole new world, exactly the way you envision it. Send us your special photos and our skilled photo designers will transform them into works of art.