May 10, 2015

Three brothers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wanted to surprise their mother with a personalized gift. The MacMillan brothers took some old family photos and recreated the poses for a wonderful (and hilarious) calendar.


The family took a day off so that their mother wouldn’t know and carefully re-enacted each pose — taking about 20 shots of each scene until they got the perfect facial expressions. They also searched through half a dozen thrift shops to mimic their childhood outfits. The eldest brother, Matt MacMillan, added, “my mom couldn’t stop laughing when she first saw it — and then the laughing turned to laugh-crying.”


Re-creating childhood snapshots has become somewhat of an internet trend. Argentinian photographer Irina Werning similarly recreated childhood photos in her Back to the Future series. Danielle Delph did amazing work photoshopping herself into her mom’s old childhood photos to see what it would look like if they were friends. 

These photos are easy enough to do. Dig through your family pictures and old things to see if you can recreate some photos, too!