May 15, 2014

Looking to do a fun photo project with friends and family? Or just want to add a little creativity to your weekend photos? Here are a series of tips and ideas for how to take amazing jumping photos that will be fun for the subject and photographer! 1. The Basics Using an iPhone? Press and… Read More

May 01, 2014

1. Recreate an Old Children’s Photo Look back on your old family photos and find mom’s favorite photo. Then get the gang together and see how closely you can recreate the photo. For some, the biggest challenge is dressing up the same way they did as a child! Source: Kids Kubby 2. Photo Inside a… Read More

June 05, 2013

In his photo series, Personligt, Sweden-based photographer Emil Nyström has created a creative and fun series of photos with his daughter in whimsical situations. With the help of his wife, Nyström posed his daughter in different scenes and positions and then used Photoshop to transform the photos.   In an interview with Phlearn, Nyström explains… Read More

December 21, 2011

Editor’s Tip: The top photo was taken using the concept of “bokeh,” in which we focus on the subject and keep the rest of the photo blurry. This focuses our eye on the main subject and keeps the background from distracting us. You can achieve this effect a few different ways. We like using the… Read More