August 06, 2018

17 Amazing Fake Photos We Wish Were Real

Lauren Cahn, August 6th

There’s an exciting new service that transforms your photos into your wildest fantasies. Imagine your 10-month old as the pilot of his own UFO? Or yourself as the black swan in Swan Lake? Done, and done. Here are some of the coolest, most fantastic photo transformations we’ve seen.

Simply cropping your photo and saturating the colors is fine for basic images, but Krome Photos takes it to the next level by using technology and design to put you or your loved ones into fantasy situations. For this outer space infant, the designer removed the image of the baby from the original background, placed him within the UFO, then performed color correction to match the scene. Follow these tips to take the best photos with your smartphone.

Here, the subject asked a Krome designer to riff on what had been a photo of herself in Black Swan-inspired makeup and a black tulle skirt. The designer placed the woman on a stage and completed her black swan transformation, including giving her ballerina feet with pointe shoes. These amazingly beautiful photos still stand the test of time.

“Go bold,” was the request the Krome designer was given for a photo of a boy being tossed in the air by his mom. Using the boy’s body position and angle as inspiration, the designer created this amazing space scene using an image of a rocket at the correct angle and size and then fitting the boy onto the rocket with straps. A space background complete with clouds and stars further enhances the futuristic effect.