September 05, 2014

The classic newborn baby photo features the baby sleeping peacefully. One family recently captured a special smile on their son’s face during an at-home photo shoot. Al Ferguson was posing with his four-day-old son, when his son decided to contribute something special!

Here is an early shot:


Moments later, his son let loose!


“We had just taken the shot we wanted when I felt his tummy tense up and the explosion went off,” Ferguson stated in a Mashable interview.

“I went through a whole host of thoughts. Firstly for the shaggy carpet, secondly my arm, thirdly sheer hysterics, fourthly what I should do with him and lastly more laughter.”

Of course, if Al Furguson decided to preserve the delightful face on his son, without the poop, we could help him out!


It’s a classic shot we see often here at Krome Photos. For example, Krome customer, Virginia, shared the photo example below with us. Luckily she was smart enough to keep the diaper on the baby!

Virginia Baby Custom Retouch

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