March 22, 2012

We’ve all run into this situation before: you want to print your photo, but it’s not 100% right. Here are some common examples of how a little help from a Krome photo editor can help make your photo perfect.

Problem: Photo is cropped or zoomed in too tight.
Solution: Your Krome editor can extend the background around the edges. This is ideal for wrapped canvas prints, because you need extra room around the edges to wrap around the frame.

Problem: You’ve got the kids together, everyone is smiling, but not in the same photo.
Solution: Send in two versions of your photo and your Krome photo editor will fix it for you.

Problem: This year’s best family photo also includes the ex-boyfriend.
Solution: Your Krome photo editor will seamlessly remove him from the photo.

Problem: You captured a nice photo of you and your loved one, but you were in a not-so-nice location.
Solution: Your Krome photo editor will change the background so it does not distract from your beautiful faces!

Problem: Your beautiful view does not look as beautiful on camera.
Solution: Your Krome photo editor can recover the detail and add some artistic flair to make your photo pop.