September 01, 2015

As a full-time mom and makeup artist, Amy Kellar has a passion for making people beautiful on the inside and out. Her beauty demos inspire and excite her Instagram and Youtube fans alike! Discover how Krome Studio helps her live life’s passion!


Personal Profile Name: Amy Kellar
Age: 27 Location: Virginia
Personal Quote: Love me for me!

My best work shines through in my Krome designed photos, which are part of my work portfolio on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, Krome Studio


Share your favorite photo project. What makes it special/your favorite?
This picture above is my favorite because it has what I love to do, and that’s makeup!
How did you discover Krome Studio?
I discovered Krome Studio by looking through editing apps. They do amazing jobs on all my pictures!
What are your dream destinations?
The Bahamas and Dominican Republic. I love the beach!