October 31, 2014

Here at Krome Photos, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it gives us an opportunity to get creative! We challenged our editors to come up with unique editing transformations on the same photo. The challenge: create a spooky, creepy photo using two trick-or-treaters. Scroll down to see how five editors retouched the photo and interpreted the assignment!

The original photo:



The winner: Tahir

Tahir did a great job adjusting the tone, and matching the background to the foreground, even down to the glow on the sides of the boy’s heads! This is truly impressive work, including the added details such as scary pumpkins in the buckets!

Tahir Halloween Photo


Runner up: Boogie

Boogie created a fiery landscape from the simple forest background in the original photo. His work to add make-up to the boy’s faces is well done, and enhances their costumes nicely.

Boogie Halloween Photo


Photo by Asitha

Asitha transformed the background into a haunted house. Did you spot the ghostly hand in the sky? Or the skeleton hands reaching up to grab the bucket? The details added to the photo perfect for a Halloween transformation!

Asitha Halloween Photo


Photo by Vivek

Vivek created a haunting villa in a forest with monsters springing out everywhere. He turned the two boys into ghosts, like the example featured in our Halloween photo ideas.

Vivek Halloween Photo


Photo by Elvira

Elvira transposed our two trick-or-treaters into a spooky landscape with hooded figures and skeletons in the background. Very scary!

Elvira Halloween Photo


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