August 06, 2018

This photo editing app lets you post photos from around the world without actually travelling there

Want to up your social media game by posting awe-inducing photos from exotic locales, without actually leaving the comfort of your house? Well, Krome Photos, a photo editing website, has you covered.

The website which deploys artificial intelligence, helps people connect with professional photo editors, who can transform your images and make you appear at any corner of the world, for a price ranging between USD 3 and USD 12 (roughly Rs. 200 and Rs. 800).

“Anything is possible,” the company’s website says.

 Krome Photos offers to its customers a plethora of services to get them their perfect profile picture. Removing an object, T correct colour, swapping one head for another, merging multiple images, altering the background are among some of the services they offer. Also, each edit only takes about 12 to 24 hours, depending on the requirements of the customer.   “In the old days, our car or our house represented who we were. Now, your online persona is everything and people are realising that photos give you the ability to create whoever you want to be,” the founder and chief executive of Krome Photos, Eduardo Llach said in a report by The Washington Post.


According to him, the primary force driving people to his site are Instagram and Facebook as most of them prefer posting “jealousy-inducing” photos on social media rather than images with loved ones.

Llach added that his customers include social media influencers posting doctored travel photos as well as a mother who uses the service to create elaborate images with her children. He claimed that before availing their service the mother had around 20,000 followers, but now has over 150,000 courtesy of Krome Photos.

“What we’ve done is added machine learning that takes your photo and compares it to 300,000 other consumer-submitted photos to give you a suggested design and background. Once you’ve chosen a background, you can make custom requests, such as brightening your teeth or softening your skin and then our AI will find the best editor for your particular requests,” Llach added comparing Krome Photos business model to Uber.