Tips for the Best Senior Portrait

Senior portrait season is here! We’re receiving great examples from our customers and we’ve collected some tips for you to make your senior portrait look its best!

High School Senior Portraits

Before you Take the Photo

Relax. Stick with natural poses that you’re comfortable with. This is key, especially for boys who are not necessarily used to posing for photos. If you feel stiff while taking the photo, it will show in the photo. Pretend that the photographer is not there and have some fun!

Choose a location that you love. The photo is all about you and celebrating your time in High School. It can be the football field, park near school, your space at home, or anywhere you want!

Show your personality. Think about what interests you have and incorporate them into your photo. For athletes, this could be through wearing a varsity jacket, or holding a prop related to the sport (football, tennis racket, baseball bat etc.) Musicians, artists, and techies can also think of objects they love and add them to their photo.

Pick an outfit you love. This is another way to show your personality in your photo. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure you feel comfortable in it.


Already have a great photo?

Do you have a photo with the perfect smile and pose, but NOT the perfect background? With the custom retouch service you can have a pro editor transform the background for you. Remove distracting objects in the background, or even the whole background.

Custom Retouch Photo Example for High School Senior Portraits

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to look perfect on magazine covers? Their photos are retouched! Your Krome pro editor can retouch your photo to clean up stray hairs, shine, and blemishes to give your photo the polished look. With the Custom Retouch service, you can simply upload your photo, then your photo will take care of the rest!

Custom Retouch Example for a High School Senior Portrait Photo

Looking for more ideas? Check out the Krome Photos Pinterest board for High School Senior portraits!

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