How to Take Product Photos for Amazon: Listings, Lifestyle & More

Amazon Product Photo example - before and after image of a motorcycle with a cool background.

How to Create Product Photos for Amazon: Listings, Lifestyle & More

Want to learn how to take photos for Amazon and turn them into powerful product images that sell more products?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we cover Amazon Product Image Requirements, How to Take Product Photos at Home, Amazon Product Photography Tips, and more.

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Amazon Product Image Requirements

Not only do your images on Amazon need to meet Amazon’s technical image requirements, but they also need to be engaging and compelling.

This will create to trust between you and the viewer and ideally lead to them becoming a customer.

Here are Amazon’s technical photo requirements:

  1. 1. The product image must be TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.
  2. 2. The pixel dimensions of the image must be at least 1000 or larger in either height or width.
  3. 3. The color mode as sRGB or CMYK.

Here are the Amazon Site Standards for Product Images:

  1. 1. The image must be a professional image of the product.
  2. 2. The image must be in focus, with professional lighting, realistic color, and smooth edges.
  3. 3. Books, Music, and Video/DVD images should fill 100% of the image frame.
  4. 4. All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.
  5. 5. Backgrounds must be pure white (RBG 255,255,255).

Want to learn the rest of the site standards? Click here.

Every marketplace has different product image requirements for their product photography. Your images will make or break your success in selling online.

See below just how diverse marketplaces are with their product image requirements.

Thus, it is so important to know not only the requirements that Amazon has for their product photography but also the basics on how to take good product photos.

How to Take Product Photos at Home

Want to learn how to take product photos at home and from there, turn them into compelling images that sell more products?

Here’s how to take product photos at home:

  1. 1. Take images in a well-lit, shaded area.
  2. 2. Use a high-quality camera (phone cameras work great).
  3. 3. Shoot your product at various angles.
  4. 4. Show the item in use.
  5. 5. Take images that can be turned into listing and lifestyle images.

With Krome, you can take product photos at home and send to our editors to Make It Perfect® in hours.

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Amazon Product Photography Tips

Learning how to take product photos for Amazon doesn’t have to be difficult.

We want to level the playing field so independent sellers can beat large vendors who have large budgets for photographers and photo editors to create the perfect product photos.

Amazon Product Photography Tips:

  1. 1. Edit your image to Amazon’s requirements.

2. Add dimensions and details on your product image. 

3. Showcase variations of your product using one image. 

4. Add infographics to help communicate with potential buyers. 

5. Create a lifestyle image. Krome's pro editors will set the stage with the right lifestyle background. 

Create Images that Sell

Photography is KEY to selling online. Sellers with better photos have more sales!

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Dell tested a large hero shot on their home page. Leads increased by 36% over the control image. (Topo, 2019).

The four must-haves for images to have the highest conversion: quality matters, big images, lifestyle shots, and feature customers.

Using these tactics and our information on Amazon Product Image Requirements, How to Take Product Photos at Home, and Amazon Product Photography Tips, Krome is your ticket to getting product photos that sell more.

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