New Year’s Eve Magic – With a Little Help from Krome

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom and owner of Janice Croze Photography

As a professional photographer, I spend a huge percentage of my time editing photographs.

In fact, one can argue that in today’s market a photographer’s skills in post production can be as important as their skills behind the lens.

So not only do I devote an enormous amount of time at my computer working on my images, I have invested years studying and developing my skills as a photo editor. And I sincerely mean years.

Mastering Photoshop is a life long pursuit. There are always more tricks to learn, countless ways to improve, and new visions to create. But hold up – you don’t have years to master Photoshop, right?

You want the magic now. I understand.

Thankfully there are professional photo editors here at Krome to save the day!

(Do you know that many professional photographers send out their work to photo editors so that they can be unchained from their computers and do the work they love the most?)

Personally, I am a control freak and I have never had anyone else edit my work. Sure, I have been tempted when I am working through 2000+ wedding images at 3am, but I have never done it.

So when Krome asked me to test out their services, I was both hesitant and super excited. Would I like it? Would the image look like something I would create?

I was willing to try — and thrilled to have someone else do the work. Because the reality is, I am busy working on client’s images. I don’t have time to fiddle around and make a fun image of ME!

I immediately knew what image I wanted to Krome…

This New Year’s Eve, I was booked to photograph a wedding. I didn’t mind working on the holiday. My kids would be with their dad. And my boyfriend Andreas, who is also a photographer, was usually booked to work New Year’s.

But as New Year’s approached, I couldn’t believe that for the first time in five years, Andreas wasn’t booked to work New Year’s Eve. We wanted to spend the evening together, so my sweet man came with me and we shot the wedding together.

We had a great night celebrating with the bride and groom and their guests well into the wee hours. At one point in the evening, Andreas handed his camera to a guest to take a photo of us.

I knew I would have to do some editing to save this photo.

But instead I sent it into the team at Krome and asked them to do the work. I requested a New Year’s Eve theme and I love what they did.

It is a super fun image that also give me the option of cropping in for a tighter shot of us that still includes fireworks.

Now I am hooked. I am already planning what photo to Krome next…

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