Marketing originality. Creative products need creative solutions

Marketing originality. Creative products need creative solutions

Innovative products can have unique marketing obstacles. If a product offers features a customer may not even know exist, how can a seller represent all the benefits of their product clearly and effectively?
Answer: The right marketing images.

Krome worked side by side with GT2H to create an all-encompassing plan for selling their ‘Hooded Microfiber Beach Towel with Inflatable Pillow’. GT2H’s blanket has several uses and features that all had to be highlighted to underscore its uniqueness and practicality.  Our professional editors were sent the actual product, images, videos, and explanations from the seller. What came next? REAL human beings having REAL conversations about the best way to market this product. Both points of view are equally valuable and necessary in this collaboration to achieve the desired results. Krome utilizes marketing data that will specifically guide the editors while staying in the scope of the seller’s vision for their product.

GT2H’s motivation for making this blanket was personal but not limited to their experiences.
“The All-Purpose-Beach-Towel is the solution to my personal problem that I encountered every time I go to the beach. There are so many different beach towels on the market but none of them offer a way that I can lay face down without turning my neck.  Consequently, after a few minutes I have either a stiff neck or a neck cramp. Since I could not find any suitable product on the market, I decided to research and develop my own solution.”

One of a kind products like this blanket have uses that may not be obvious to a customer. It was essential for Krome to see the product being used in multiple scenarios to design the lifestyle scenes around that information. Showcasing the problem solved with the side by side: ✅ right way/ ❌wrong way is an effective and proven strategy. This image reminds the potential customers of the real-life issue they themselves may have experienced.
Krome created a cohesive group of images for the seller that tell the full and complete story of the benefits of their blanket. Necessity was definitely the the mother of invention for GT2H. Luckily Krome was able to help this innovator tell their story.

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