Krome Spotlight: Baby Norman & Robert Spector

Baby Norman and Robert Spector recreate scenes from Greek mythology with Krome! They have dedicated an entire photoshoot to the theme and thoughtfully guided our designers throughout the post processing.

Robert tells us:

"I am a comedian, financial advisor and dreamer of dreams. Being a writer of comedy, my mind is actively taking pictures of events and then making them into stories, which is what I do with Krome. I love to create in my mind.

Baby Norman is the model in these photos and my creative partner. She is extremely versatile, creative and without a doubt my muse. She is a credited actress over many years and an amazing singer. She is always creating. Whether it be characters for a movie, a TV show, a commercial or a song, Baby puts so much of her energy to perfect all of these mediums of her art. We work so well together.

Back in February, Baby and I decided to shoot with the great Tony Mandarich. He is known for great action photography and captures the essence of what we are trying to do.

Most apps only let you change filters or add text and a few backgrounds, but the experience we have had with Krome Studio is to use our pictures and thoughts, coupled with your vast array of artists, to mesh those into photos that have deep meaning and effect."


From the battle for Troy to dragon-fighting Amazons, these amazing images really blew us away!

Thank you, Baby and Robert!

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