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Krome My LinkedIn Profile Benefits


Present a profesional you

Leading with a strong professional image can assist you in landing your next job.


Overall Enhancements

Brightening, Teeth Whitening and Skin Smoothing.


The Perfect Background 

Whether you'd like the existing background cleaned up, or entirely replaced, we'll make your image stand out among the rest.


Ready to Upload

We'll deliver your image in accordance with LinkedIn's recommended size specifications.

Upload a Good Quality Photo

The gap between smartphone cameras and professional DSLR cameras is quickly shrinking, which means it's not hard to capture a great looking image of yourself to use on professionals networking sites. Follow these pointers to ensure the highest quality image possible:


Make sure you take the image in a well-lit area. Avoid strong overhead sunlight, as this creates unflattering shadows.


We suggest profile pictures be taken from straight on. This is most representative of how you actually look, and prevents distortion from occurring.

File Size

Make sure to upload the original file. Images shared via social media have been compressed; therefore, won't be as crisp, clear, or as large. 

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