Krome Business Studio Launches New Business Image Creation Technology

At TalkShop in Las Vegas, Krome Studio announced a significant advancement to its disruptive photo-tech solution Krome Business Studio. Krome Business Studio is an app-based image creation solution that transforms any photo into powerful, creative, studio-quality images costing 95% less than traditional photo services. With Krome, businesses have easy and affordable service to create all the business images needed to sell more products and engage and retain customers.

Now, Krome has leveraged its vast database of images and crowd-sourced editors to create a fully automated artificial intelligence and deep learning system. This system automatically recognizes photos and provides instant design recommendations relevant to the photo’s subject. With the new functionality, businesses can compose and preview their final image immediately on the Krome app. Instead of using the old system of photographers and editors, businesses can now use their phone and Krome’s technology to create the images they need. Krome drastically improves time to market and cost per image with a simple solution that works 24/7 right on any phone.

“Our business customers have seen a drastic drop in costs and time to market with an increase in sales effectiveness between 30% - 50% when using a creative image from Krome in their digital merchandising and advertising. These businesses require a constant stream of images and Krome’s technology and crowd-sourced global editors deliver them 24/7,” said Krome CEO Eduardo Llach. “Our expanded technology enables even more speed and automation as we are constantly updating recommendations and designs based on the millions of photos analyzed to create the best results for e-commerce listings or marketing campaigns and ads. Krome customers leverage the results from our database to create the best image for their product or service.”

Composition and previews from the app are free and perfect photo prices begin at $2.99 per photo for enhancements and white cut out listing images, to $8.99 for complex lifestyle images. Subscriptions are available providing ongoing discounts. Creative designs can come from customer requests, Krome’s Gallery of completed customer images, or Krome Lookbooks that provide inspiration as well as hundreds of options and recommendations from Krome designers.

In addition to its new capabilities, Krome has expanded its platform to easily connect into the flow of printing, advertising and ecommerce enablement companies through a set of APIs. The Krome Business Studio platform is the only photo-tech solution that provides a complete photo taking and editing service, using artificial intelligence to take the best image, machine learning to make design recommendations, and an advanced crowd sourcing operational system to deliver creative, engaging final images as needed. Companies and agencies offering advertising, printing and ecommerce services can offer added value to their customer with the complete Krome photo services solution.

About Krome Photos
Krome Photos equips businesses and consumers alike with a ‘photo studio in your pocket,’ quickly and affordably enabling the best photo image to be taken and then transforming the photo preview into a final perfect studio-quality image. The company’s proprietary technology works in tandem with a global team of professional photo designers to take and create unique, customized images in hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional photo studios or photographic services. Krome Photos is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and operates globally. For more information, visit or follow the company on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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