July 4th Photo Tips & Ideas

Hosting a backyard BBQ? Watching fireworks with friends and family? We’ve got you covered with tips and ideas to capture July 4th fun! Plus, save 20% Off any Krome product or service with coupon code JULY4. (Valid until July 10, 2014)

1. BBQ Photo Shoot

Set up an area with props and a backdrop for a simple photo shoot.

July 4th Photo Booth | Krome Photos

шины в минске

Source: Indulgy

2. Add Custom Backdrops

Want to add a little more spirit to your existing photos? Your Krome pro can update the background to an American flag. Simply order a custom retouch and include the comments “American flag” or “vintage American flag.”

July 4th American Flag Custom Retouch

3. Take Portraits with Sparklers

Use the light of the sparklers to create a unique portrait. Even those who don’t like their photo taken can have a little fun with this one!

Sparkler Portrait

Source: Pinterest

4. Draw with Sparklers

Use a tripod and set up a DLSR or point and shoot camera in a stead place. It is key to avoid movement. For a point-and-shoot, set your camera to the night-scene setting. For DSLRs, set the camera to manual. Adjust your aperture to about 16 and your ISO to about 1000. Set your shutter speed to be about 3 seconds. This will capture the sparkler’s light as your friends are writing with them.

Lastly, make sure everyone writes their letters backwards and have fun!

Draw with Sparklers | Krome Photos

5. Photograph Fireworks
Trying to photograph fireworks with your iPhone? Here are some tips to help you get the best shot: Get steady. Use a tripod, or prop your elbow on something sturdy. Once you have your spot, tap on the phone to lock the exposure and focus for your shot. Avoid zooming to get closer to the fireworks. Also, you can press an hold the photo button to shoot in bursts, then pick the best one later.

How to take photos in burst mode iPhone | Krome Photos

6. Take Candids During Fireworks

The fireworks show is a great opportunity to take candid photos. Snap a few photos of the kids staring up in awe at the fireworks show.

Candid photo during fireworks | Krome Photos

Source: Merokah

7. Custom Retouch to Add Fireworks

It can be tough to capture a great shot of yourself or your kids AND the fireworks in focus, so let a Krome pro help you. Simply order a Custom Retouch and ask for a fireworks background then we will add it behind you. For a more realistic photo, hold the camera at a low angle and aim to have the sky behind you.

Fireworks Photo Example | Krome Photos

Save 20% Off any Krome product or service with coupon code JULY4. (Valid until July 10, 2014)

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