How to Photograph and Request Edits for Your Baby Photos on Krome

The first years of your baby's life go by so quickly. Before you know it you will look at them and wonder how they got so big. This is why photographing them is essential to keeping the memories of these precious times vivid. Taking a good picture of a newborn requires some preparation. The most important things to have in mind are lighting, posing and perspective.


The easiest way to achieve great results is to use natural light, coming from a large window. If the sun is shining through the window too much, however, you may want to wait until a different time of the day. Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows, which is why it is better to take your photos when the light is soft and diffused. For even lighting, have your subject's face towards the window.


General advice is to have your baby's arms and legs tucked close to the body, since if stretched out, they often look contorted and unattractive.

Here are some great looking poses for newborns:

Lying on their side

Lying on their back

On their tummy with their head on hands

It's best to use solid color backdrops, to focus the viewer's attention on the subject. You can try a beanbag or a couch to place the baby on.


As you position your baby, and are ready to take pictures, you can move around with your camera and experiment with different angles. Take as many photos as possible to be able to single out the best ones later on. In general, it's best to shoot straight on, at eye level or from a top down angle.

For more detailed tips on how to create perfect newborn photos, click here.

Our professionals at Krome Studio can re-imagine your baby's snapshots for the perfect keepsake! We also have a large collection of Designs, available for you to pick from.

It's important the image you submit to us matches the Design you choose. Here are a few additional tips to ensure the best result with our service.


We often receive images of babies taken from above, pointing towards the floor, with a request for a straight-on Lookbook Design. Many times it is not possible to combine the images.

This adorable photo came with a request
for our #ButterflyPrincess design.

Since the baby is on her back and the image is taken
from above, we have no way of realistically adding
her to the particular background.

Instead, we used a similarly themed design that matches her perspective.

Note: In this image the baby has a pacifier in her mouth. Our customers sometimes ask us to remove the pacifier. Sadly, we have no way of doing that, since we aren't able to recreate missing details in the image. We don't know what this child's mouth looks like, as it isn't visible. Therefore, please remember to remove the pacifier before taking the picture.


One of the most common challenges we face is images where a large part of the subject's body is cropped outside of the photo, with requests for Lookbook backgrounds which would work best with full body photos.

Another cute photo sent by a customer with a request
for #BabyMoon.

In order to show the whole background
in the edited image, we need a full
body photo of the baby.

Otherwise, we have to preserve the cropping of the original and add only a small part of the requested background to it.

Note: Because the camera was too close to the subject, some lens distortion occurred and the part of the face that's closer to the camera looks bigger than it should. To avoid the distortion, move the camera further from the subject. That way you'll be able to include the whole body in the image as well.

Objects blocking the subject

A part of the service we offer is removing unwanted objects from images. However, there are limitations to what we can accomplish. If the object is too big and covers a large part of the subject, there is too much information missing to accurately recreate that area.

We often receive images of babies in car seats with the
belt buckled. In this case, there simply is no way to
remove the belt, because it covers most of the baby's
body. Hand drawing his shoulders, clothes and arms
would not look realistic. Our only way to edit an image
like this would be to keep the car seat in the picture,
when changing the background.

A rule of thumb when ordering a Krome Lookbook Designs is to look at the subject in the sample and have your subject pose in a similar way, then take your photo from a similar angle. That will ensure the best possible result.

If you have an image that you love and would like to Krome, but you are not sure whether it would fit the background you like, we recommend that you make a CUSTOM or PRO order and share your vision with us. Our skilled photo designers will take care of the rest.

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