How to Create eBay Images that Sell More Products

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How to Create eBay Images that Sell More Products

Do you want to learn how to get pictures for eBay listings that sell more? Look no further.

In this article, we dive into eBay's Photo Guidelines, the importance of high-quality images, 11 tips on how to take photos for eBay and research on photos that sell.

Fun Fact: 83% of digital purchase decisions were influenced by product images, ranking higher than product reviews, star ratings, and product videos. (eMarketer, 2018).

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eBay Images — Product Image Guidelines

Photos are one of if not the most important parts of your product listing. However, before you even begin to optimize your eBay images, you must first learn eBay’s official policy on pictures.

Here are eBay’s photo guidelines:

A.) Feature at least one photo when you list an item or create a new product

B.) Include large, clear photos of the item

C.) Pictures of any flaws are required as well so that buyers can see exactly what they will receive

This is what eBay does NOT allow:

A.) Including photos that don’t accurately represent the item

B.) Adding borders to your photos

C.) Placeholder images used to convey messages, such as no image available, or out of stock, or other marketing messages

D.) Stock photos for used, damaged or defective items

E.) Using a picture that is less than 500 pixels on the longest side

F.) Adding additional text, artwork or marketing to photos

G.) Watermarks of any type, including those used for ownership attribution.

If your listings or products fail to follow these guidelines, some or all of your listings may be ended automatically or will not show up in eBay’s search results.

This is not what you want to happen to your eBay pictures or product.

Just follow these steps to make sure that your photos are optimized according to eBay’s photo guidelines and meet all the necessary requirements.

eBay Images — Importance of Images Infographic

First, before you optimize your eBay product images, you need to know the importance of images in eCommerce.

You have to work two times harder to make your products come alive online. If you have the right images, your sales will grow 30–50%.

Check out our infographic with this study and more. 

eBay Images: 11 Tips on How to Get images for eBay Product Listings that Sell More

We have included specific tips on taking good eBay photos and editing them to get eBay Images that sell more products.

It is essential to optimize the images on your eBay listing because having high-quality images will improve the buying experience.

11 Tips on How to Take Photos for eBay:

1.) Make sure you have a clear photo of the item

Include large, clear photos of the item and don’t worry about the type of camera because phone photos work great. 

Be sure you hold the phone steady while taking the photo.

2.) Have your product be the star of the show

Crop tightly only on the product.

Zoom in when taking eBay pictures with your phone. Taking eBay pictures with an iPhone is not hard.

Just be sure your lighting, settings, and backdrop are all good and then shoot! It’s best to shoot in shady areas with no direct sunlight.

3.) Show just one product per photo

Unless your product comes with multiple pieces, keep your images simple with only one product per photo. 

This will allow viewers to see the whole product while ensuring there is no confusion about what the product is.

4.) Stick to your brand

Consistency is key. Your images should comply with the style you’ve set for your business, so your products feel familiar to users and trustworthy.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this. If you have multiple products, take the same set of images at the same angle for all items preferably in the same setting. 

Having consistent positioning & lighting for all your items will create a better presence online.

5.) Make your pictures stand out

Browse listings from your competitors to get an idea of what types of images they have in their eBay listing.

Take note of any similarities or differences between your eBay pictures and theirs. Make sure to have an eye-catching setting with great colors, style, and perspective.

6.) Take images in a well lit, shaded area

Be mindful of the setting you take your images.

You want bright, even lighting, so product details are visible. Avoid mid-day, direct sunlight because that creates harsh shadows.

Look for a shaded area, or take images inside, near a window, for soft light.

7.) Show variety

Highlight the best features of your product by taking multiple images at different angles. 

Viewers should see the item from every side. This will give them confidence in knowing what they’ll be purchasing.

8.) Get rid of any nearby clutter

Ensure that you have a clear background in your eBay product photo. Any clutter takes away the attention from your product and draws the viewers eyes in the wrong direction.

Don’t add any props or unnecessary objects. Just shoot your product for your eBay photo.

9.) Follow eBay’s photo requirements

Make sure to follow eBay’s photo requirements listed on their Photo Policy page.

You must include large, clear photos of the item and include pictures of any flaws so that buyers can see what they are getting.

10.) Show the item in use

It is essential to include a few lifestyle images, in addition to simple listings, so the viewer can see the product in it’s intended environment, being used. 

This creates an emotional response and allows people to imagine owning the product and visualize its place in their lives.

11.) Have fun with it! 

Finally, just be creative with the style and setting of your eBay photo. 

Need some inspiration? Check out Krome’s thousands of background designs for you to use with any product. 

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eBay Images — Lifestyle Shots Showing the Product in Use

Lifestyle images are also a very important part of selling online. They add desire to the sales equation.

A quality lifestyle image not only enables the customer to envision the item in use but it gives them an instant understanding of very important sizing and dimension details.

If you’re shopping for headphones, don’t you want the ones that deliver the bliss this gentleman is experiencing?

Don’t you want to know the actual size of a purse you’re interested in buying? 

Or that necklace you’ve been eyeing?

Thus, you really need to make sure you are showing your product off in your eBay pictures at its best.

eBay Images — Research on Photos that Sell

There is a consistent research connection between image quality, size, and count to product sales.

In a study conducted by eBay Research Labs, Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words? — On the Role of Images in E-Commerce, researchers found qualitative support between images and sales.

eBay researchers found the following:

1.) Product images increase consumers attention to the product

2.) Conversion rates doubled with two images versus one and that as photo count increase the probability of making a sale also increases.

3.) Larger images improve sell-through

4.) Higher quality images make a difference and improve the seller overall

5.) Supersized pictures have a conversion rate of 29.5% vs the standard image at 14.2% while a picture pack had a 22.4% conversion

In another study, Understanding Image Quality and Trust in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, researchers found a clear correlation between the quality of an image and trust in a product and seller.

Images do matter and lifestyle images are the logical evolution to improve your sales and sell-through.

In the words of French photographer Gilles Peress: “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”


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