Krome is a photo editing service that connects families and businesses with photo design ideas and complex photo edits through a team of professional photo editors globally. Krome is fast and affordable and has a satisfaction guarantee, so each order comes with a free re-edit. To see some of our customer’s photos or to get inspired, visit our website. Feel free to contact us at support@kromephotos.com if you have any questions.

Krome has 2 products: Krome Business Studio and Krome Family Studio (known as Krome Studio). All are available on iOS, Android and Web.

Krome Plus is a family product that has a fee to purchase, which includes unlimited preview downloads plus one Make It Perfect order. This is only available in the family studio.

Select Krome Studio apps give you recommendations for backgrounds for your photos. You can move the subject around and make sure you like the background – we call these Free Previews.

With purchase of the Krome Plus app, you can download as many of these recommendations as you like! On the other apps, you are given 3 free preview downloads each month, with the option for unlimited preview downloads when you sign up for a membership.

** Free preview is currently not offered on Krome Family Web app and Krome Classic. **

All of the Krome apps on smartphones and the web have access to a network of professional photo editors and designers. When you click on Make It Perfect, your preview coupled with all your requests will go out to a designer and they will make your image perfect to meet all expectations in under 24 hours.

We charge a fraction of what you would pay a graphic designer or photo editor in the market today. According to public data, you can expect to pay between $25-$65 an hour for professional graphic design services, whereas an average order with Krome starts at under $3 for simple white cut out images and under $9 for more complex editing and lifestyle images.

We offer a variety of order options, depending on your needs. Visit our Help Center for more details.

** With purchase of the Krome Plus Family App, your first order is FREE. **

Your satisfaction is very important to us; therefore, each order comes with one FREE re-edit! Additional re-edits, if needed, are only $1.99. We ask that you please request your revision directly from the app. Open your app, go to MY ORDERS, then click on your order. At the bottom right corner, you will see an option called “Re-Edit”, where you can type your request and provide details notes to your editor on what you would like changed.

In order to contact your editor directly, you must place your re-edit within the app, as explained above.

If for some reason your instructions weren’t followed on your re-edit, please contact support@kromephotos.com so we can further assist.

While we handle images in the order they are received, we have a large group of editors assigned to different orders, so delivery times vary depending on the complexity of the order and if additional attention is required before it’s delivered to you. Our estimated return time is usually within 12 hours, but it can take up to 24 hours in some cases. Feel free to reach out to support@kromephotos.com if your order has not been completed in 24 hours.

** When you re-edit your order, the clock resets. Certain changes and complex edits take nearly as much time as an original order. We want to ensure your order is perfect, so your patience is appreciated! **

** Please allow additional time (up to 2-3 days) during holidays. **

With our Family app, there are 3 levels of membership:
$6 (1 photo per month and unlimited preview downloads; charged monthly)
$12 (2 photos per month and unlimited preview downloads; charged monthly)
$24 (4 photos per month and unlimited preview downloads; charged monthly)

With our Business app, there are 3 levels of membership:
Starter Subscription is $15 per month. Receive 18 credits (Save $3).
Up to 6 photos per month depending on the type of order – lifestyle or white cut out.

Active Subscription is $29 per month. Receive 36 credits (Save $7).
Up to 12 photos per month depending on the type of order – lifestyle or white cut out.

Growing Subscription is $55 per month. Receive 72 credits (Save $17).
Up to 24 photos per month depending on the type of order – lifestyle or white cut out.

To purchase:
1. First make sure you are using our latest version of the Krome Studio app.
2. Once you have updated, please tap the hamburger MENU (3 short lines) at the top left of your app and select “krome Membership”.
3. Select the Krome Membership you’d like to sign up for.

Credits will be added to your account immediately to use on any order, in any combination. Credits will accumulate up to 180 credits, at which point, you’ll need to use your existing credits in order to continue receiving new credits monthly.

To Cancel:
1. Go to the menu (top left corner).
2. Select Krome Membership and click cancel.

** Coupons and other promotions cannot be used towards the purchase of a Membership. **

If you decide to cancel, you will have 90 days to use any remaining credits before they expire. If you remain a subscriber, your credits never expire.

We can change the color of clothing; however, we are unable to complete clothing changes due to the complexity of this type of modification. It’s extremely difficult to maintain realism because we have to find a whole new body, positioned similar to the subject in the image you submitted. All body types vary; therefore, the results may look unnatural.

If you have an image of the subject in another outfit that you prefer, as long as the body position and lighting match, we are able to do a head swap for you. To do this, please place a PRO order.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Lookbooks, please select a custom Krome request and leave a note to your editor on what type of background you are wanting or upload a reference photo. Your editor will work their magic and find something that goes great with your photo!

Browse our Lookbook Directory here.

The preview function on our app is a ROUGH draft, meant to give you a visual idea of what your photo will look like with a particular background, before your order is sent off to our professional editors. Within the preview, you can sample your photo on different backgrounds to select the one you like best!

If you receive a pop-up message that the app was unable to create a preview for you, you can still proceed normally with the order using your image – you just won’t be able to preview your order before submitting.

Once you place your order, KROME connects each customer with their own editor that works on your photo from start to finish. If there is an issue, your editor will reach out to clarify.

Please make sure you are running the latest version of the app. In the final stage of placing an order, there is blue message at the bottom right that reads: Krome Code? If you tap Krome Code, you will see a field for your coupon code.

In order to receive credits, you will need to share your completed photo through the Krome Studio app. Open the app, go to Your Orders, select the order you’d like to share, then click the blue arrow button in the top right corner of the screen. You can receive credits for sharing your photo on Facebook, Instagram, and with the Krome Studio community, as well as telling a friend about our service.

For more details on how to earn free credits, please visit our Help Center.

** Please note there is a maximum number of credits a customer can earn for the lifetime of Krome. **

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to increase the resolution of an image and maintain print quality. Doing so essentially “stretches” the image, resulting in a blurry, low quality print. We can only work with the resolution of the image submitted to us. For this reason, we always suggest our customers upload the highest resolution image available when placing an order, to allow them more printing options later on.

** Once an order has been completed, we can’t swap out a higher resolution photo to replace the original one submitted. We ask that you please place a new order, since the editor will have to edit the new photo from scratch. **

For more information on how to upload a high-resolution photo please visit our Help Center. 

We have added the signature feature as a fun way for the customer to sign their photos in our family apps (this is not an option in our business apps)! However, you are able to disable this feature at your discretion. To turn off this feature, go to Menu, click on “Settings”, click on “Signature Settings” then uncheck “use Krome logo” and/or “use signature”, then Save changes.

Please understand your app purchase was made directly with iTunes, so we do not have a way to refund back to your original payment method. We can offer you a refund via PayPal as a courtesy. If you would like a refund, there’s a PayPal refund option within the app, where you will be prompted to leave your PayPal email address for the refund. To access this option, you will need to log out of your account, then you will see a button on the login screen that says, “Not what you were expecting?” Click this and then you will be guided as to the next steps. Your refund will be issued in 3-5 days.

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  • Learn how to use Krome Studio to improve your photos from our
    Design Directors

    Krome is for:*
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  • Learn how to use Krome Studio to improve your photos from our
    Design Directors

    Krome is for:*
    Personal/Family usesBusiness uses

  • Learn how to use Krome Studio to improve your photos from our
    Design Directors

    Krome is for:*
    Personal/Family usesBusiness uses