1. About

Krome Photos service creates Images That Sell™ products by designing, photographing and creating listing (white cut out), lifestyle (new models and backgrounds), and infographic images (detailed informational graphics to help close the sale).

Krome uses success data and AI to highlight winning design elements from images that are selling similar products.  Krome designers leverage the highlighted design elements to provide a Design Brief with listing, lifestyle and infographic designs to choose from.

After the image designs are chosen, Krome’s photographers will photograph the products in the studio, or remotely, to get the photos needed for the listing, lifestyle & infographic images.  

Image Creation: 
Krome’s team of professional editors will assemble the final listing, lifestyle and infographic images using the designs, photography and model images to create the perfect product images to increase sales. 

eMarketer states that 83% of digital purchase decisions are based on the product photos – even more than reviews which were only 75%.  Krome’s analysis shows that products with lifestyle and infographic images have 2.2x higher rank than products with only a listing image.

Current market solutions for effective product images typically require time, multiple experts, and significant budget, costing anywhere between $100 to $1,000 per image. Krome’s price point, speed and AI driven recommendations enable any sized business to get the images needed to sell their products.