Create the Ultimate Halloween Photo with Help from a Pro

You’ve got your Halloween costume picked out, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Create the ultimate Halloween photo and bring your costume to the next level with help from a Krome pro. Here are a few ideas (for both kids and adults) to create a fun photo featuring your Halloween costume!

1. Turn Yourself Into a Ghost.

No, we’re not talking about pulling a sheet over your head! This can be done with any photo, but to make it shine, dress in clothing from a past era, and pose with a serious, somber expression. Then your Krome pro will transform you into ghostly subjects!

How to Order: Select the Custom Retouch service and type in: “Turn me into a ghost!”

Halloween Ghost Custom Retouch by Krome Photos


2. Transform Your Photo to Match Your Costume.

The ideas are limitless! Here we placed a pirate onto a pirate ship and a transformed an office into a winter wonderland for a princess from Frozen.

How to Order: Select the Custom Retouch service and ask for a background to match your costume.

Halloween Pirate Ship Custom Retouch


Frozen Princess Custom Retouch


3. Turn a Boring Background into a Spooky Night!

Suburban streets and backyards are no place for a ghoul! Upgrade the background to a spooky moon, ghostly forest, or haunted mansion to bring out the Halloween spirit.

How to Order: Select the Custom Retouch service and ask for a Halloween background. If you have a specific background in mind, such as this moonlit sky, please enter those requests when you place your order.

Halloween Photo Example by Krome Photos

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