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Creating Images That Sell

Krome Photos is a powerful image optimization solution that transforms any product photo into quality listing (white cut out) and lifestyle (new models and backgrounds) images in hours. Our Founder, Eduardo Llach, started Krome in 2015 to provide all business access to the images needed to make a difference in their product sales without long lead times, high prices and steep learning curves.

To sell in eCommerce you need a lot of great product photos. A variety of quality photos will build sales and trust from consumers. eMarketer states that 83% digital purchase decisions are based on the products photo – even more than reviews which were only 75%. Product photos matter!

Krome Business Studio creates optimized product images based on real sales data and trained professional editors and designers. Current market solutions typically take three different experts to complete and require time and significant budget costing anywhere between $100 to $1,000. Krome’s price point, speed and AI driven simplicity enable any sized business to get the best image for their product and company. Krome is perfect for merchandising, listing / white cut out, and product lifestyle images. Krome recommendations are optimized based on the millions of photos analyzed by our deep learning platform and our team of pro editors create images that can double sell through rates.

Krome Family Studio instantly offers families engaging and creative design ideas tailored for their specific photo subject. Families can play with thousands of image combinations because we will automatically separate the photo subject from the background, so customers can move the subject around to get a fun preview. Families can download this preview free or send their photo to our pro editors to Make It PerfectTM.

Krome Photos is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and operates globally. 

See the importance and benefits of quality images for your business. 

For more information, visit kromephotos.com or get inspirations from the Krome on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.