About Us

Welcome to Krome Photos! Let our experts transform your photos.

Krome was established by a photographer with two main goals. First, to give every person and business access to the same photo editing services available to celebrities and big companies with large budgets. And secondly, to develop a unique interaction between human editors and customers, thereby enabling employment of people all around the world. Krome provides new opportunities for people to earn a living by creating beautiful and effective photo images.

 Krome’s mission is to transform how image is created. We transform family, personal and corporate images with the easiest, fastest and most affordable photo editing service available. Our customers say that the images we help them create drive engagement, influence and sales.

With Krome’s service, Krome Studio, you will get the photo image you want. Our professional editors, coupled with our unique technology, can do almost anything: from removing an object, to changing a background, correcting color, adding people, and merging images from different photos. We can do anything you can dream up. And, if you need inspiration, we are here for you with hundreds of creative ideas in our gallery and Lookbooks.   Check us out at Krome Photos or
download our Krome Studio App.

Meet the Krome Team