September 27, 2017

Diane Chua documents her baby twins’ growth with Krome! We’re in awe with her creativity and passion for her photo projects!

She wants to capture the perfect little expressions and postures every time, but toddlers are always on the move and can be difficult to photograph, especially in pairs! Instead of trying to get the ideal shot of both her boys at once, Diane photographs each separately.

She knows that in the end, her Krome designers can combine her best photos and give them a touch of uniqueness, exclusively tailored to her creative insight.


Diane tells us:

“I’m just a girl with a really cool imagination! I love creating images in my mind and making these visions come to life.

I like taking pictures, especially of my kids. My identical twin boys are a miracle!

Before I had them, I would take my daughter who is now 7 to photography studios. I didn’t always like the photos and wished I was able to create professional looking images on my own.

I could make my kids laugh or do my own tricks to keep the shots candid.


Before I found out about Krome, I actually thought to myself:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was something that could change the background of my photos, to make them more special?”.

When I found Krome, I was stunned because my wish came true!

I’m so excited Krome exists! I love the idea of having my own personal studio at home and creating beautiful picture memories of my kids.


Currently, I’m using Krome to create birthday milestones of my twins every month.

I love watching them change so quickly!

Time flies, so having these photos gives me happiness and joy while they’re growing up. They just turned 1!

I’ve had a lot of amazing feedback from family and friends, since I started using Krome. Thank you!”