January 25, 2014

Thank you to Fox Van Allen, from Techlicious, for reviewing the Krome app and service! Check out his take on the Krome service on the Techlicious blog.

That’s what makes the new Krome Photos service so compelling – it offers professional editing of your photos, which you can download and/or use to create prints and gifts…. All retouching is handled by real people – nothing is automated.

Read the whole post on the Techlicious blog, plus view the Krome video here:

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Please note: The pricing listed in the Techlicious post is outdated. Current pricing for Express Retouch is $0.50 per photo and the pricing for Custom Retouch is $6.99. For full information on photo retouching pricing, please visit the Photo Retouch page.

Techlicious Review of Krome App