September 19, 2017

By popular demand, we’ve released a new ordering option KROME CORRECT!

This affordable ordering option (only $3!), currently available on iPhone, is meant for users who prefer to simply improve their existing image, making it the best it can be, without changing the background or making drastic changes. For this small price, your editor will complete the following corrections:

Color Correction

We will make sure your image is properly
exposed, fix harsh color casts, and improve
the colors in your photo.

Skin Retouching

We will remove blemishes, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tones.

Background Clean-Up

We’ll remove distracting elements in the background,
so the subject is the focus. Depending on the image, your editor may decide to blur the background
or add a slight vignette as well.

These changes make a huge difference!

Make sure to update your App, to gain access to the newly released Krome Correct ordering option.

Our skilled designers are on hand and eager to impress you… try it out!