August 10, 2021

eCommerce seller compares Krome to another photo consultant.
Krome comes out on top!

Our featured seller, Kay Van Hoesen was shopping around to help with her Amazon listing images for her company Flipping Bling.
She retained 2 companies: Krome, and lets call them, “the other guys”. Kay explained, “I wanted to test to see who could do the best job. Not only is your work exemplary, but also, their work stunk!  Their conceptual designs were horrible, the photoshop work they did looked terrible, and they made lots of mistakes.”

The role of imagery is paramount for eCommerce sales.
There is a consistent research connection between image quality, size, and count to product sales.
Realistic lifestyle images of the product “in action” increase trust and believability in the product.

Kay was pleased with Krome’s ability to not only create realistic lifestyle images
but also to take the lead on the design concept.

“I couldn’t have dreamed you would be so creative and read my mind like you did!  Actually, you did more than read my mind. You dreamt up things I never would have thought of. I am truly thrilled”

Krome knows the research and knows what works and what what doesn’t. It’s clear to Kay that Krome was the best choice for her images. Take her advice and let Krome help take your business to the next level with professional photographs that send the right message.

“Again, I am exceedingly happy with what you’ve done.  WOW!  It’s Flipping Fabulous! YOU are Flipping Fabulous!  I am your biggest fan. Well, you probably have lots of fans, but I can’t imagine anyone being a bigger fan than me!”

-Kay Van Hoesen