February 18, 2018

Being a Social Media Influencer is a dream job for many people, but if you want to be successful at it,
you need to project the right image to your followers and companies you’d like to work with.

Sharing photos is the best way to showcase your personality, passion and cause. With Krome, it’s easier and more affordable than ever
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Krome’s professional editors, coupled with its unique technology, can complete any request:

Krome has hundreds of creative Lookbook Designs you can browse,
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3 ordering options + subscription plans to satisfy all your photo editing needs!

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I can guarantee Krome was 90% of
the reason my following count
grew from 30K to 120K.
When you post a picture like that,
it gets so much attention.
Krome can be the key to success
when you are in the
influencer market.

Victoria Fatu

 I was just shooting thumbnails for
my YouTube video and getting
a little practice photography in!
I ran across your app
and fell completely in love!
This is perfect for those who have
a vision but can’t edit like a pro yet!

Raven Thomas

This shot was taken in Forest Park
in New York and it was an
engagement shoot.
Our clients were so happy when they
saw the final outcome
where the lantern had fire.

Vasilios Dinis