December 02, 2016

Krome elevates the selfie. If you have a special selfie that didn’t come out exactly the way you wanted — there’s stray hair in your face, you took the photo in front of your bathroom mirror when you really wanted it in front of the Eiffel Tower — then send it over to Krome. We can transform your selfies, making them exactly how you want them to be. Tell the story you want to tell, told right through your photograph.


But did you know there are specific tricks and techniques for taking the perfect selfie? Here’s how you can achieve the ultimate selfie for the best Kromed picture results.

Consider the Lighting

At Krome, we can fix lighting errors, but if you want to get that perfect selfie right away, then lighting is something you definitely need to consider. Lighting makes a world of difference when taking photos — if you have dull, dim lighting, then your features will be dark and shadowy — and you definitely want your face to stand out. So when taking your selfie, play with light — especially natural lighting. Try shooting near a window so you have ample natural light shining on you. And when you take your selfie, make sure you are facing the window, because if you’re lit from behind, you’ll look like a silhouette.

Photo - 1

Angles Are Key

When taking your selfie, you need to consider the angle and distance you’re holding your camera. Have you seen those selfies taken with the camera facing upwards, right underneath the person’s chin? That’s definitely not one of the best angles — and probably not a photo you would want to send to Krome.

For angles, you’ll need to play around and see which angles work best for you. Try taking selfies with two hands and tilting your head, to figure out which side is your best side. You can also try positioning your shoulders at different angles —simply tilt them to either the left or the right, and then you’ll see what flatters you the most.

And for a no-hands selfie — try a selfie stick. It’s the perfect tool for angles and distance, especially if you’re a hardcore selfie photographer.


Perfect Your Pose

Posing is something else that helps make your selfie uniquely yours. Pick the pose that works best for you and flatters you most — whether you keep one hand up in the frame, arms at your sides, or on your hips. For more adventurous types, you might consider asking someone to take a running or jumping selfie of you. Experiment until you come up with the perfect pose that is uniquely yours — and figure out if your pose is best for just a headshot, or a full-body selfie. Try any pose you want, as long as it’s a pose you love and that represents you.

Photo - 2

Just Be Yourself

This is your selfie and your special moment. When taking your selfie, don’t think about it too much or try too hard. The best advice for taking the perfect selfie is just being yourself, so the image should look completely natural and not forced. Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in and use any props you feel represent you best — because this selfie is an expression of you, and no one else.


Likewise, your photo from Krome is custom-tailored to your specifications and your vision. If your perfect selfie is still not perfect in your eyes, or could be even better, then send it to Krome — we’ll transform your selfie into exactly what you envision it to be. At Krome, we can perfect minor imperfections, or we can even teleport you to a whole new world — imagine impressing your friends with a selfie shot on the moon!

With Krome, the image you imagine is possible, including the perfect selfie.