July 18, 2019

Selling the Dream with Lifestyle Images

By Eduardo Llach, Founder and CEO of Krome Photos. 

Create Images that Sell.

It’s time to convince your potential customers how great their lives will be when they own and use your fantastic products.

That’s why SUV commercials showcase mud-splashing off-roading adventures and why you can feel the scent oozing from perfume ads. The best are beer ads that feature friends hanging out on the beach playing volleyball, which motivates you to get to the beach as fast as you can. These are lifestyle images ― they inspire potential customers to understand that your products deliver something great.

If you’re shopping for headphones, don’t you want the ones that deliver the bliss this gentleman is experiencing? Don’t you want to know the actual size of a purse you’re interested in buying? Or that necklace you’ve been eyeing?

Lifestyle images side by side
Photo transformations above created by Krome Studio, used by customer permission.

 These types of lifestyle images add desire to the sales equation. A quality lifestyle image not only enables the customer to envision the item in use but it gives them an instant understanding of very important sizing and dimension details.

Remember what Fred R Bernard once said, “A picture is worth ten thousand words.” Yes, he originally said ten thousand words, not just one thousand. Consumers need to know how large earrings are, how big a watch face is on a wrist and even how large a collectible is on the coffee table.

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Studies prove Lifestyle images can seal the deal.

There is a consistent research connection between image quality, size, and count to product sales. In a study conducted by eBay Research Labs, Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words? — On the Role of Images in E-Commerce, researchers found qualitative support between images and sales.

eBay researchers found the following:

  • Product images increase consumers attention to the product
  • Conversion rates doubled with two images versus one and that as photo count increase the probability of making a sale also increases.
  • Larger images improve sell-through
  • Higher quality images make a difference and improve the seller overall
  • Supersized pictures have a conversion rate of 29.5% vs the standard image at 14.2% while a picture pack had a 22.4% conversion

Another study titled, Understanding Image Quality and Trust in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, found similar results. Researchers found a clear correlation between the quality of an image and trust in a product and seller. Images do matter and lifestyle images are the logical evolution to improve your sales and sell-through. An Amazon jewelry seller recently told me that she went from selling two necklaces a week to three a day when she used lifestyle images created by Krome Photos.

Graph on importance of images
Image quality, marketplace outcomes, and user trust in peer-to-peer online marketplaces all play an important role in product photos according to this study.

I’ll bet your competitors don’t bother to use lifestyle images because they think those images are too difficult and expensive to obtain. We’re not talking about setting up a photo shoot in an international location; we know you have a business to run. Instead, call on Krome Business Studio. Three clicks and the price of a lunch out will conquer the challenge of getting a custom lifestyle image.

Check it out, it’s fun: Krome’s Lookbooks offer a wide-ranging choice of settings, seasons, frames, and even global locations. Krome ensures your lifestyle images deliver the right message. Now, remember that lifestyle images impress upon your customers that your product will improve their lives.

In the words of French photographer Gilles Peress: “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”

Thanks for reading,


Lifestyle Image of Krome Photos CEO with a friend.

P.S. — All of us on the Krome Photos team are committed to helping you sell online through great photography, easily and economically. I’m curious to hear about your experience. Please email info@kromephotos.com with your thoughts and questions.