November 23, 2016

Do you have photos you wish you could send to your own, personal photo editor? Maybe, your photo needs the lighting adjusted so the shadows on your face are gone. Maybe, you and your friend hope to travel to Peru and you want to gift them a photo of you both on Machu Picchu to inspire your trip. Or maybe, you don’t have a concrete vision and want your editor to take the reins on weaving creativity into a basic photo.

Krome embraces all of these circumstances. We are a team of passionate photo editors who work to enhance old memories and inspire new ones. If a photograph doesn’t capture how you felt in the moment it was taken, we can transform that. When you saw the full moon it probably didn’t look like the white blurry spec it does on your iPhone.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Choose a photo that is ideal for Krome editing.

Krome transforms photos; it does not recreate them. We build off the foundation of a photo instead of erasing it. Instead of submitting a photo featuring only the upper half of your body with the desire to be Kromed into you running on the beach, submit a full-body photo of you running. Choose a photo whose premise is fit for transformation instead of recreation.

2.  Tell your editor what you want.

This is where you can hone your creativity! After uploading your photo, you will tag areas of your photo to explain to your editor what you would like done. This can include choosing from our variety of archived Look Book backgrounds, or asking for a strand of hair caught in the wind to be removed from your face.

3. Wait for your photo.

Your photo should take around one day to edit, give or take. During this period, your editor might contact you through the Krome app with clarification questions.

4. Receive your photo.

It is exciting to see the final product of your vision! We understand that the first round of edits might miss some of what you were looking for or prompt desires you didn’t know you wanted until you got your photo back. Because of this, we offer a second round of edits free of charge.After

That’s all it takes! Have fun getting Kromed!