July 11, 2018

This company will make your Instagram followers think you went on vacation for the low, low price of $12

NICOLE POMARICO, July 11, 2018 11:45 am

Some of us use Instagram to share our adventures and lives with our friends and family, but there’s also a giant population of users who take the app a little bit further. Facetune has been around for a long time now, and it’s pretty common for people to smooth out their skin or whiten their teeth if they’re trying to kill the selfie game. But this latest development? It’s truly taking things to the next level. Now, there’s a service that will photoshop you into any desired location to make your followers think you’re on an exotic vacation — for the price of lunch.

The service, Krome Photos, makes it super easy to get the photographic proof that you were just at the Eiffel Tower, even if you’ve never left the United States. This is how it works: You send your photo over to Krome, their Photoshop experts handle the edits you’re looking for, and then they send it back so you can post away. Price varies based on what you want, but all of this can be done for under $12.

You can either download the app or use the website, and the “perfect photo” is yours with a short turn-around time. Basically, if you want to seem well-traveled and don’t want to leave your house, this app is for you.

Here’s an example of what Krome Photos’ editors can do. First, a pretty normal beach shot:

Then, after it’s been edited.

Pretty impressive, right? For $3 per photo, the Krome editing team will clean up your photo and make it look beautiful, and for $7-9 they’ll change out the background like they did in this photo — thanks to their Lookbook, you have plenty of options. For $12, they’ll do anything you want, totally up to you.

Obviously, it’s way better to go on vacation yourself and actually have the adventures in the photos you’re posting, but if (for some reason) you want to make it seem like you’ve been trippin’ all summer on a budget, this might be the way to go. So, where to?