June 13, 2018


A great headshot is one of the most important representations of you or your business.  Whether on LinkedIn, dating sites or your company website – a headshot tells a story about you.  There is good news! The Krome Studio app will get you that perfect headshot within hours, using a photo right from your phone, for under $12.


Here are a few tips to ensure the best results with our service.

#1 Smart Phones work!

Everyone has access to a great camera today – phone camera performance has improved dramatically. So, use your phone and have a family member or a friend take a few snapshots of you.


#2 Lighting

General advice is to shoot in a well-lit area. To accomplish even lighting, you need to face the light source. If shooting indoors, the easiest way to achieve great results is to use natural light, coming from a large window.

If shooting outdoors, try to take your photo in the morning or early evening when the lighting is best. Around noon, the sun is high in the sky, which will create harsh, unflattering shadows. Overcast days are ideal for shooting, since the light is soft and diffused, but if this isn’t an option, try taking your photo in a shaded area.

#3 Angle

We suggest headshots be taken from straight on. This is most representative of how you actually look and prevents distortion.

#4 Background

Plain backgrounds work best for headshots, as they help focus the viewer’s attention on the subject and we can change the background to anything you like.

If you have a photo with your perfect expression, but the background is too busy, our professional editors are here to help. Krome offers a variety of Lookbook backgrounds you can choose from to make your headshot unique.




#5 Let Krome edit your headshot

Krome offers a variety of photo editing services, from correcting lighting and color, background clean up or complete changes, to advanced skin smoothing, changing colors or adding makeup. We can even remove your seat belt from in the car selfies!