June 05, 2013

In his photo series, Personligt, Sweden-based photographer Emil Nyström has created a creative and fun series of photos with his daughter in whimsical situations. With the help of his wife, Nyström posed his daughter in different scenes and positions and then used Photoshop to transform the photos.

Emil Nystrom True talent
“True talent”


Emil Nystrom Birthday Party
“Birthday Party”

In an interview with Phlearn, Nyström explains the experience of creating the photo “Birthday Party”:

I love creating all these conceptual pictures. This one we took about a month before she turned 1. I had the idea in my head for quite a while. At that time she still couldn’t stand by herself so we had to hold her up and Photoshop the hands away. She was so excited about being allowed to stand on the table and there were so many colorful things to look at.

Here at Krome Photos, this photo series pulls at our heartstrings. We love to inspire our users to think beyond the photos they have on their camera or phone and imagine the possibilities that these photos provide. We hope this photo series inspires you to think of what you can do with your family photos! And remember, if you aren’t as passionate about Photoshop as Emil Nyström is, then your Krome editor is just a click away!

Browse more photos from Nyström below, and on his website:

Emil Nystrom True Talent
“True Talent”


Emil Nystrom Fruit Ninja
“Fruit Ninja”


Emil Nystrom Extreme Climbing
“Extreme Climbing”


Emil Nystrom I can fix it
“I can fix it, but it’s going to cost you.”

Photos by Emil Nyström

(via Peta Pixel and Phlearn)