August 09, 2017

Enhance Your Photo without Changing the Background

Krome Studio is a unique service, designed to meet all your photo editing needs, big and small!

While we offer an extensive collection of Lookbook Designs for those wanting to re-imagine their images with a background change, there are a number of other ways to utilize Krome, to improve images without drastic changes.

Here are a few ways our professional designers can help you take your images to the next level:

(Click the images to reveal before and after.)

Remove Unwanted Elements



Whether you have vacation photos you’d like cleaned up, or wish to remove distracting objects, we are here to help!

Fix Closed Eyes or Smile using a Reference Photo

Closed eyes and less than perfect facial expressions are a common occurrence in group photos.

With Krome, you can submit multiple images and combine them into one, where all the subjects look their best!

Beautify Subject


Our skilled editors can perform advanced skin smoothing, slimming, clothing color change, add makeup and more!

Stylizing & Selective Coloring


We can colorize your image to give it a unique edge. Whether you’d like selective coloring, or a specific filter effect applied to the entire image, leave details to your editor or provide a reference photo, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Photo Restoration


We highly recommend utilizing our team of professional designers to digitize old family photos that might be collecting dust in boxes in the closet!

We can fix torn photos, remove stains and unwanted marks, add color to black and white images, and more.

Submit high resolution scans of your images for the best results.