June 07, 2015

Fine art and commercial photographer Stephen Wilkes’ newest body of work, titled Day to Night, captures the hustle and bustle of an entire day into one image.


Wilkes photographs from one camera angle – often perched on a rooftop or crane, and continuously shoots for approximately 15 hours. The locations he chooses are part of our collective memory, iconic and instantly recognizable, like Times Square and the Eiffel Tower.


After a full-day shoot, Wilkes would select a group of images, around 50 or so, and then seamlessly blend them into one shot. Each photograph takes months to develop.


“Essentially I’ve created this giant soup, where I can put all the things I love about the medium of photography into one image,” said Wilkes. “I discovered that the photographs began to highlight a form of emergent behavior within the daily life of the city.”


Be sure to check out the whole series on Wilkes’ website!