October 04, 2017

Fall is here and nature is putting on an amazing show of warm colors.

It’s a great time to go out and take pictures!

Whether you’d like to capture stunning landscapes or create family portraits, here are some tips for taking the perfect Fall photos:

Family Photo in Fall Foliage Girl in Fall Foliage Scenery


Lighting is essential in photography.

We recommend that you shoot in well lit areas, with the subject facing the light source.

The best time for outdoor photos is during the first and last hour of sunlight, when the lighting is soft and warm.

When the sun sits low in the sky, shadows are more pleasing. An overcast day is also great for taking photos, since the light is dispersed evenly.

Family Photo on the Dock



Fall is all about the beautiful orange, red and yellow colors in nature. Explore your local park to find the perfect spot for your photos.

The vibrant foliage can serve as a great background for your portraits.

If there is water nearby (lakes, rivers, creeks), even better. Foliage reflections in water look amazing, and will help take your photos to the next level.

Boy w/ Frog Umbrella in the Rain


Rainy weather is typical for fall, so it’s a great way to capture the mood of the season.

When it’s nearly stopped raining, take out the umbrellas and raincoats and go out to take some snapshots.

Have fun and splash around in the puddles to create candid atmosphere.

Fall Props



Pumpkins, hay bales, fallen leaves…

There’s no better way to convey the spirit of fall, so make sure you include these props in your photos.

Throw some leaves in the air and capture them as they fall, to make your shots more engaging!

Baby Photoshopped in Fall Before & After

Krome your Fall Photos

If your pictures don’t turn out as you intended, Krome is here to help correct or re-imagine them!

Our professional designers can improve colors, remove distracting elements, add falling leaves or other props to an image, replace a boring background with a gorgeous Fall scene, and so much more!

Fall Photo Collage