November 07, 2017

The Holiday Season is here! It’s time to create your annual Holiday Cards, to spread joy to friends and family near and far!
Here are some examples of how to use Krome to turn your everyday snapshots into memorable Holiday Cards.

Add people to your photo

If you’re able to get your family together for a group shot to submit to Krome, awesome! But perhaps some of your family members live across the country. Not a problem. Our Custom order option allows you to submit multiple images, which we can merge into one.

Our designers are trained in achieving realism when combining photos, but for optimal results, make sure the images you submit match in terms of quality, lighting and perspective. If you’d like to learn more about creating great family photos, click here.

Add Holiday themed props

We can add all sorts of Holiday related props to enhance the festive atmosphere of your photos.

From pumpkins, to presents, sparklers to candy canes, we’ve got you covered.

Our Lookbook designs are full of creative Holiday ideas, which we can implement in your images, or if you have specific requests, share them with your designer, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Modify clothing

Perhaps you have a great family image you’d like to use for your Holiday card, but you wish the clothing matched the particular Holiday more. Krome is here to make it happen. We can change the color of your clothing or add specific elements like matching Santa hats. 

Please note that we aren’t able to fully replace clothing, since it’s extremely difficult to find a new outfit on a person that matches the body type and body positioning of the subject in your image. This is a complex level of editing, that often leads to unrealistic results. If you’re able to submit a separate image of the same person in a different outfit, in the same position, we can complete the clothing change for you.

Add text graphics

In addition to re-imagining your photos according to your vision, we can add your holiday wishes to your images. Check out our Holiday Cards Lookbook for text graphics, or have your designer create one for you.

Our text graphics work great if you’re planning to print your Holiday cards at home. If you plan on submitting your Kromed Holiday image to an online printing service with holiday card templates, the text might be unnecessary. In this case, simply request that your designer leaves out the text on your final design.

Express your creativity, or let us surprise you!

Remember that we can add a Holiday spin to ANY photo you have in your camera roll!

Perhaps you have an idea in mind, but if not, submit an image and let us work our magic.

We can turn unlikely images into holiday keepsakes…