Bokeh: The Aesthetic Blur

Editor’s Tip: The top photo was taken using the concept of “bokeh,” in which we focus on the subject and keep the rest of the photo blurry. This focuses our eye on the main subject and keeps the background from distracting us. You can achieve this effect a few different ways. We like using the… Read More

Improving Your Camera Phone Pictures 2

Editor’s Tip: Have you struggled with taking quality photos with your camera phone? Most camera phones have low resolution & few settings, but these tips will help you get the most out of your camera phone shots. Your first goal is to hold your phone steady to focus the subject. When you switch to the… Read More

The Rule of Thirds

Editor’s Tip: The Rule of Thirds is a basic rule of photo composition. Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid over the area you’re photographing, then place your subject at one of the four intersecting points of the lines. In theory, the image will be more dynamic, interesting & it will attract more attention that a photo with… Read More

Improving Your Nighttime Pictures

Editor’s Tip: Night photos are often the most difficult– even for the best photographers. Next time you’re taking pictures at night, try turning off the flash. It may sound weird but the photos can actually turn out brighter! If the flash is off, you can decrease the shutter speed. This will allow for more light… Read More

What is ISO?

Editor’s Tip: Have you ever wondered what the ISO function on your camera does? The ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light. The greater the number, the less light you will need to take a picture. So, if your photo is coming out too dark, try increasing the ISO. Just be careful that the ISO… Read More

Improving Your Camera Phone Pictures

Editor’s Tip: Camera phones are great for capturing unique and spontaneous photos. Although the camera phone won’t create photos as good as your point-and-shoot or DSLR camera can, it has one important advantage: it’s always with you. Take advantage of the tool that’s always in your pocket and practice taking photos whenever you see something… Read More