September 05, 2017

“Back to School” season is here, great time for taking pictures of your kids. So, get the cameras ready to capture the special occasion for memory books, grandparents, or your Facebook page.

The most important rule when photographing children?  Have fun!


Instead of rigidly taking photos, try creating a light-hearted atmosphere. Tell jokes to your kid, laugh with them, and ask them fun questions to get them engaged and excited.

The more fun you make the photography experience for the child, the better your photos will turn out!

Need more tips for creating the perfect picture of your little ones? Check out our how-to article: How to Photograph and Krome your Kids!

If your photos don’t have an ideal background, the lighting is faulty, or they just don’t live up to what you had in mind, Krome is here to transform them.

Enjoy these awesome examples, shared by our customers and…