March 30, 2019

Looking for some great April Fool’s Day prank ideas? Krome has you covered.

We’re going to dive into harmless yet hilarious prank ideas. No tears, no drama and no hurt feelings.

Now, these pranks will have a twist to your regular April Fool’s Day pranks. We’re talking images as pranks.

Keep reading to check out the best designs to use on your siblings, partner, parents, kids or anyone else!

How Can I Use Krome for my April Fool’s Day Prank?

Krome Photos opens a door you never knew was there.

Our image creation solution transforms any photo into a masterpiece in hours.

With Krome, you have thousands of designs to choose from. That means endless fun. Especially for April Fool’s Day.

Check out this little dude who took his fear of sharks and made it into a hilarious (yet still slightly terrifying) photo!

Intrigued yet?

You can use this design by clicking here!

Read on to check out many more designs to give you inspiration for April Fool’s Day!

“Biggest Fears” Designs for April Fool’s Day

Nothing says April Fool’s Day more than capitalizing on a loved one’s fears.

Whether that fear may be spiders, snakes, or slightly open doors (my dog has this fear, no joke), Krome has a design perfect for you.

Check out these creepy, crawly, anxiety-inducing designs:

These designs can be chosen from our Practical Jokes Lookbook.

With Krome, it’s so simple. This is how it works: Any photo + any design or request = the PERFECT image!

Have a younger sibling that hates spiders? Use the #Spider design. Have a coworker that can’t chill out? Use the #Workload design. The possibilities are endless.

Click HERE to get started!

“Thrilling” Designs for April Fool’s Day

We all love a good thrill, even if it’s a slightly goofy thrill, we still love a good thrill.

These designs are perfect for that adventure-seeker friend of yours who can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble.

Check out these designs that highlight how to live life on the edge, even if it’s a fleeting moment in a photo.

April Fool's day images in a grid

Use any of these designs, called #SawingBox, #Thief, #CrazyTwister and #MoneyBriefcase here.

“Funny” Designs for April Fool’s Day

Last, but certainly not least, are our funny designs that you can use to make your family members or friends have a good chuckle.

Below are some designs that are literally designed to make you smile.

So, check them out and choose the one that you love most!

April Fools Day funny designs

Picture this: it’s April 1st, 2019. You hand your friend an envelope and say nothing. They open it to find a photo of them with a cow hardcore photo bombing them.

You laugh. They laugh. We all have a great laugh over that darn cow!

No matter what type of prank you were thinking of pulling on a loved one, think again.

You could get them just as good — if not better — with a custom-made photo by Krome.

Happy Photo Transforming!

The Krome Photos Team